Review on 5 in 1 Lens for Mobile Photography bought from Lazada

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I just want to share my experience and review on the product I’ve bought in Lazada.

Recently I got interest in photography.
It all started when I bought second hand smart phone with good camera, I took few shots and saw the quality was good, since then I started researching about photography, mobile photography and also leads me to DSLR but I don’t have that much money.

I then decided to buy lens for my smart phone to increase its functionality and to test if it will save me money and if it is almost the same with DSLR captures. I’m a newbie in photography so if you’re someone starting to get interest in photography and wants to check if mobile lens is good for you.. you should definitely read this!

lazada product image price and rating

The price of the product was 950 pesos or around 20 USD.

lazada product unpacked product

Product Experience

I received the product after several days and tried it.

The wide angles and fish eye lens works as expected. The 9x zoom lens works fine with bokeh effect but you have to position yourself in the correct distance inorder to get the sharp image of the subject. The scope also have an adjustable zoom but it’s not that good.

Here’s the sample of the 9x zoom lens.

an image of a toy helicopter zoomed focused on the subject

As you can see in the image that the subject is not too crisp anymore and too many details was lost. It does the job as said but the quality of the image was not good because of the material of the lens.

Please check the difference below.

  • The first picture shows zoomed image and the second is without lens

using zoomed lens, blurry

no zoom lens

Overall Rating 6/10

Image Quality : 4/10 Price : 8/10

If you’re really into photography and you want to have quality image. this product is definitely not for you.

If you just want to have the zoom capability and some few effect like fish eye (which can by the way done during post processing of image) and wide angle lens which looks like alittle bit distorted and not aligned. Well this is worth a try.

If you really want to go into photography go for compact camera if still want to explore if photography is for you or go straight to DSLR and try its full functionality. You can always sell it anyway if you realize that photography is not your passion.

Thank you for reading.