The New Jansen

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The New Jansen

Jansen wokes up @5am.
Jansen doesn’t arrive late.
Jansen wear only longslieves/poloshirts @work.
Jansen doesn’t share Personal problems @work.
Jansen finishes tasks days before the deadline if possible.
Jansen commits minimal mistakes as possible.
He will sleep on inefficient times like rides.
Jansen will give all his life to work and study.
He will take joy in all his labors.

These are the old me that will be retained

Jansen learns all the time,
He doesn’t have days that he didn’t learn.
Jansen will still try to follow what Love is.
Jansen helps if someone is in need.
He tries to understand everyone.
Jansen is Silent as much as possible
He doesn’t speak meaningless talks
Jansen doesn’t want to have enemies.
He talks and resolve all conflicts as long as he can.
He cares for everybody.
Jansen works efficiently.
Jansen talks straight to the point.
He knows it might hurt but it’s the truth.

These are my old me and my old habits that I will cut off in my life

Jansen takes 8 hours of sleep no matter what happens.
He goes to work fully rested and work 8 hours in most efficient way.
He takes care of his body for it is a temple of the Lord.
Jansen wants to have their workmates trust on him.
He doesn’t care if he arrives late.
He cares only to finish the project and tasks.
Jansen wears TShirts only.
He wants to be simple as much as possible.
Jansen is content,
He buys only affordable shirts.
Jansen is thrift,
He saves money as long as he can.

quotes of the day.

kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto may paraan.

Ecclesiastes 1 3 What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun? 4 Generations come and generations go,but the earth remains forever.